Maramures International Airport
Miercuri 19.06.2024 - 3:32

Maramureș County aims to become an attractive, dynamic, and stable environment for sustainable investments by 2030.
The strategic vision includes principles such as efficiency, transparency, and public interest, with a strong emphasis on local sustainable development.

Maramureș County, home to nearly half a million residents, is currently experiencing sustained economic growth. Recent data places our county 8th among Romania’s 42 counties in terms of balance of trade, with a GDP of EUR 8,010 per inhabitant. Our county’s diverse industrial-agrarian economy spans various sectors, including manufacturing, food processing, textiles, and more. Currently, top-performing branches include forestry, fishing, food, textiles, furniture manufacturing, and electrical equipment production. The labour force, comprising two-thirds of the county’s population, is a considerable competitive advantage. With over 10% having worked abroad in high-tech fields, we have a pool of skilled workers supported by 29 professional training providers and 134 authorized programs.

In addition to overseeing the coordination of local councils at the commune, town, and municipality levels to ensure public services, the Maramureș County Council is dedicated to the economic and social advancement of our region. The current executive has developed a portfolio of projects valued at 1.5 billion euros, primarily funded by European, governmental, and local sources.

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